Barba Italiana DANTE Shaving Gel


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Soothing gel for shaving with soft texture and transparent colour. It’s the shaving gel ideal to define the contours of moustache, goatee and sideburns. 

The composition based on Panthenol, sugars and amino acids gives the product moisturising, emollient and soothing qualities, which make it ideal for the most sensitive skin. It provides softness to the hair, making razor movement easier for a perfect shave without redness and irritation and avoiding ingrown hairs. The gel absorbs quickly, reappearing in contact with the water, so as to leave a velvety effect on the skin. Its transparency favours definition during shaving. 

  • No animal testing 
  • Free from parabens, paraffin, SLS, SLES, silicones and derivatives  



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